Churchix, digital shepherd

John 10:14 “I am the good shepherd; I know my own sheep, and they know me.”

Churchix is a facial recognition software designed to identify individuals attending an event. As the name suggests, the product markets itself largely to churches, where it could track the attendance habits of individual congregation members.

Easy set up

The program initially requires a database of member photos as well as a video surveillance system, both of which are already relatively common in churches. The database, camera, and software provide metrics on each member.

Two suggested ways of leveraging congregants

Churchix CEO Moshe Greenshpan outlined two ways a church might employ the attendance data. The first conveys a traditional ‘tending to one’s herd’ mentality:

“It’s simple to see if a member isn’t attending three or four events. Then they can give the member a call and say something like, ‘See you on Sunday.’”

The second formalizes a tiered-donation structure that surely has also 

“If they see a member who is regularly attending events, they could feel more comfortable giving them a call and asking for a donation.”

Churchix is a subsidiary division of Face-Six, which provides similar facial recognition services to other locations such as airports, casinos, and law enforcement agencies.

Another interesting Face-Six product

The FA6 facial recognition capable drone, according to the website, “allows you to collect personal information and find your target in a crowd,” and can “easily collect faces of people in a crowd…whether it’s a riot or an illegal demonstration.”