Guy who crashed meth van into police cars gets 6.5 years

If you were driving a Toyota HiAce loaded with $200 million of crystal meth and you saw a couple police cruisers parked nearby, would you perhaps consider smashing into them? That’s what Simon Tu did last summer in Sydney, and yesterday he was sentenced to six and a half years in the big house.

After playing a little smash up derby with the squad cars, Tu fled the scene in his white meth van. Police located him about an hour later and decided to search the vehicle, discovering 273 kg of ice worth about 200 million bucks.

“This 26-year-old Berala man has certainly had a very, very bad day,” Detective Glyn Baker of the Ryde Police said wryly at the time. “Crashing into police vehicles with that amount of drugs on board is somewhat unheard of, and is an exceptional set of circumstances.”

“This would be one of the easiest drugs busts that NSW Police has every made – incredible, absolutely incredible.”

Something tells me Mr Tu will fail every employment check he submits to for the rest of his life. Still, it seems like he got off rather easy with six years and six months. I would’ve guessed twenty.

Tu’s debacle was the second big Australian meth bust that summer. Just a month prior, Australian Border Force seized a record 1.6 tons of the stuff in Melbourne. The goods were concealed in a large shipment of speakers from Thailand.

“This is the largest meth bust we’ve ever seen in this country, and demonstrates not only the brazen nature of those involved in this criminal activity, but the resolve of the ABF in Victoria and around the country to stop these imports,” said ABF Regional Commander Victoria Craig Palmer.

According to the organisation Crack the Ice (pun intended), 5.8 percent of Australians over the age of 14 have used methamphetamine. For folks who are using now, ice is the most popular method, with 76 percent saying they’d done it within the previous six months.