Lawyer for Epstein accusers says wealthy sex offender may have bounty on his head

A lawyer representing several alleged victims of billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein recently speculated that the convicted sex offender’s life may be in danger from people who do not want him to testify.

Spencer Kuvin represents three of Epstein’s many accusers. His comments came after news reports that Epstein, a former acquaintance of current US President Donald Trump as well as previous President Bill Clinton, had possibly attempted to kill himself in his jail cell last week.

According to various sources, Epstein was found lying on the floor of his cell in the fetal position, half-conscious with markings on his neck. Some speculated that he had attempted to hang himself, while others stated that Epstein’s may have staged the suicide attempt so as to be granted a transfer to a different jail.

In support of the latter theory, a source said Epstein’s injuries were superficial and inconsistent with a genuine suicide attempt.

Yet another theory holds that Epstein was assaulted by fellow inmates.

In response, Kuvin stated during an interview with the Sun Online:

“I question whether or not it was a true suicide attempt that Mr. Epstein was involved in in jail or whether or not there may be some powerful people who just don’t want him to talk.”

Kuvin seems to be implying, as others already have, that Epstein has incriminating information about certain individuals who have the power to prevent him from talking in court.

“If he goes on trial, everyone he’s been in contact with will ultimately be fair game,” Kuvin said, adding, “If he’s going to implicate anyone in power that has the ability to reach in and somehow get to him, his life is definitely in jeopardy.”

The 66-year-old was arrested and indicted earlier this month on sex trafficking charges. He stands accused of sexually assaulting dozens of underage girls—some as young as 14—at his properties in New York City and Palm Beach.

He has pleaded not guilty and faces up to 45 years in prison if convicted.

Epstein previously served a 13 month sentence after pleading guilty in 2008 to prostitution charges.